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If you have received a reckless driving ticket in Virginia, the next step in the process is hiring an experienced traffic law attorney to represent your case.

But how much does a good reckless driving lawyer cost and what is the average cost for a traffic lawyer?

In Virginia, rates vary widely depending upon many factors.

Before you decide to spend too much or too little on an attorney, it is important to understand what the average cost of a traffic lawyer is and the scope of representation you will receive for your case.

How Much Does Attorney Andrew Flusche Charge for Virginia Reckless Driving Defense?

Here at the office of Andrew Flusche, the exact fee I will charge for reckless driving defense depends on the specifics of your case. I charge a fair, flat rate and I am always transparent about my fees. In general, my reckless driving defense fees are in the $1,000 to $1,500 range.

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What’s the cost of not hiring a qualified reckless driving attorney?

Before some people even think about a Virginia reckless driving lawyer’s cost, they are asking whether it is worth it to hire a lawyer to begin with. My response is to consider what is at stake for you.

Depending on the specific facts of your case, more may be at stake. Some considerations for whether to hire a reckless driving attorney include the following:

  • Whether you are concerned about a criminal record for misdemeanor driving offenses
  • Whether you are worried about auto insurance costs
  • Whether you live out of state and want to travel back for court dates
  • Whether driving is one of your main job responsibilities
  • Whether you have a commercial driver’s license
  • Whether you have or will need security clearance for your job
  • Whether you have had one or more traffic convictions in Virginia in the last five years
  • Whether you were ticketed for going more than ninety miles per hour
  • Whether the ticket was issued because you were involved in a traffic accident

If any of these considerations apply to you, then you should seriously consider hiring a Virginia reckless driving attorney to represent your case. The value you will receive from top quality legal advocacy will far outweigh a reckless driver Virginia lawyer’s cost.

Do Not Let Reckless Driving Lawyer Cost Prevent You from Getting the Representation You Need

Many people who receive traffic citations do not hire a lawyer. They simply pay the fine and move on. You cannot take that approach with a reckless driving ticket.

Reckless driving is a crime, rather than a traffic offense. While traffic offenses are serious and could lead to significant legal trouble, facing criminal penalties is substantially more serious. 

As you can imagine, serious charges mean that you need serious legal representation. You could try to go it on your own or rely on a public defender to save money. But the greater potential penalties you face, the more important it is that you invest in an experienced lawyer who has the time and resources to protect your interests.

Under Virginia traffic law, reckless driving is a Class One misdemeanor. A Class One misdemeanor in Virginia carries a maximum fine of $2,500 along with a potential one-year jail sentence. The fine and jail sentence could be tacked onto penalties for other charges the prosecutor brings against you.

Virginia law defines a reckless driver, generally, as anyone who drives recklessly or drives at a speed or in any manner that endangers the lives, safety, or property of others. 

The general reckless driving statute in Virginia makes it plain that the posted speed limit has no bearing on reckless driving. 

Virginia law recognizes other acts that constitute reckless driving. They are: 

  • Driving with faulty brakes or while out of control;
  • Passing on the crest of a hill or on a curve;
  • Driving when something obstructs the driver’s view or interferes with the driver’s ability to drive safely;
  • Passing two or more vehicles riding abreast while on a two-lane highway;
  • Driving abreast with another vehicle in a single lane;
  • Passing stopped vehicles at a railroad crossing;
  • Passing a stopped school bus when loading or unloading passengers;
  • Failing to signal properly; and
  • Driving at an excessive speed for the highway conditions.

As you can see, Virginia’s reckless driving statutes are strict. Having the best lawyer, rather than the least expensive lawyer, could make a huge difference for you.

When Seeking Affordable Traffic Lawyers in Virginia, Choose Someone Who Won’t Cut Corners

When evaluating the cost of a Virginia traffic lawyer, you should be aware of the amount of work that goes into defending a serious case like reckless driving. You should understand that a lawyer who quotes you the lowest fee might not be the best attorney for your case. 

A thorough and conscientious reckless driving attorney in Virginia will obtain all possible information about your case, research the applicable law, and fight hard to achieve the best outcome for your case. They should be willing to take the case to trial if that is the best option for you.

An inexpensive lawyer might try to minimize their workload and reduce their costs by urging you to take a quick plea deal instead of exploring all your options and defenses. While it may turn out that a plea bargain is the best option for you, your attorney should thoroughly investigate your case before reaching that conclusion. They should explore and discuss with you all possible avenues of defense and help you understand the ramifications of your decisions.

An inexpensive attorney might not tell you that this is your case and you are in control. They might pressure you to take the approach that seems easiest to them. But you are the one who knows what is best for you and your family. Your attorney should be there to help you make an informed decision and support you in the path you choose to pursue.

Consider All the Possible Consequences When Asking About the Average Cost of a Traffic Lawyer

Take a look at the larger picture if you have a concern about paying for a lawyer to do something you think you could do yourself. Costs can come in forms other than lawyer fees. Therefore, you need to think about all the ramifications of a reckless driving conviction in Virginia before deciding to take on the prosecutor alone. You may find that hiring a lawyer is your best option.

 A conviction for a reckless driving charge will remain on your criminal history. The court must notify the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles about your conviction as well. The DMV could assign four or six demerit points to your license depending on the seriousness of the crime. Your points remain on your driving history for a long time, up to 11 years in many cases, for a conviction for reckless driving. 

Even if the Virginia DMV removes demerit points from your driving history over time, your car insurer might not. A conviction for reckless driving shows the insurance companies that you are at greater risk for getting into an accident than the average driver. Consequently, insurance companies might raise your rates.

Therefore, when you wonder if paying the reckless driving lawyer cost is worth it to you, think about the effect a reckless driving conviction will have on your insurance rates. If the average insurance rate is just over $1,300 per year, a 40% surcharge or premium increase that lasts for three years will add another $400 to your bill. That adds up over time, especially if you accumulate additional traffic charges.

What Is The Cost of a Reckless Driving Attorney?

Every lawyer in Virginia sets their own fee for a reckless driving case.

Some advertise an incredibly low flat fee regardless of the facts, but these cookie cutter representations do not always provide the best representation for your case, especially if there are potentially serious repercussions on the table. Many of the cheap lawyers even pass their cases off to random lawyers to actually do the work.

You may think you’re getting a bargain, but you may end up represented by someone you’ve never even met.

On the other side of the spectrum, simply because an attorney charges more does not mean that you will receive the best legal representation. Some lawyers take advantage of the dire situation clients face with a reckless driving charge and require more money to represent their case.

Expensive does not always equate to the best.

You need a lawyer that offers a reasonable rate but still provides you with the traffic defense you need to overcome your reckless driving charges.

At my office, I set a flat rate after a confidential review of the case with my client. I strive to provide an affordable rate for a top-quality defense. I carefully manage my calendar to make sure I will personally be at court for every single client.

I use technology and well-trained staff to help streamline our cases and control costs. This balance helps to ensure you receive the representation you deserve at a rate you can afford.

When you choose a Virginia reckless driving lawyer, cost should only be one part of the consideration. Before moving forward with a lawyer for your case, you should know the exact fee for representation, be able to pay with any major credit card, and expect to pay the legal fee before the case goes to trial.

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