ryan fitzgerald

Ryan Fitzgerald, known affectionately as “Fitz” among his friends and peers in the legal realm, Mr. Fitzgerald joins our firm armed with over 12 years of legal expertise as a prosecutor in both Fairfax County, Virginia, and Stafford County, Virginia.

Fitz has handled various cases, ranging from felonies to misdemeanors, as well as cases varying from 1st Degree Murder to speeding violations. He also possesses significant expertise in drug-related matters.

Moreover, Fitz has conducted training sessions for law enforcement officers on various topics, including trial preparation. His accomplishments include national recognition on Dateline NBC for solving a thirty-year-old cold case homicide.

He also served as the specialty prosecutor for the Traffic Safety Unit at the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

Fitz has managed numerous DWI cases, specializing in offenses such as Misdemeanor DWI First and Second Offenses, DWI Third and Fourth Offenses, DWI Maiming, and DWI Manslaughter.

During his tenure in Stafford, Fitz oversaw incoming DWI cases and assisted other prosecutors in trial preparation. Additionally, he led a team of prosecutors dedicated to the Forensic Docket, focusing on DWI cases involving marijuana, blood draws, toxicology, and expert testimony.

Furthermore, Fitz recognizes that true justice involves treating individuals with fairness and dignity. It entails a commitment to doing what is right and just. Fitz understands the importance of attentive listening, genuine compassion, and staunch advocacy for those who require the support of a seasoned attorney. Contact Fitz to discuss your legal options!